SMW 100 Sensor

SMW 100 Monitoring sensor Sensor for monitoring liquid surges in tank interiors FDA / EHEDG compliant Monitoring of orbital cleaners and rotary nozzles high process reliability highest hygiene standard extensive evaluation options acid, alkali and temperature resistant Wetted components made of PEEK easy retrofitting for existing cleaners Operating Pressure: max. 10 bar Materials: 1.4305, PEEK Supply voltage: 18...32 VDC PNP On power requirement: < 20 mA Output signal active: max. 50 mA PNP Switch-on delay: ≤ 0,3 s Response time: < 75 ms Degree of protection: IP 65/67 Rated temperature: 25°C Ambient temperature: -10...+70°C Operating temperature: 0...100°C CIP-/SIP-Cleaning temperature: 0...150°C, max. 30Min. Purpose: For use in water and water-based cleaning fluids Kinematic viscosity: 1,004x10ˉ6 m2/s Conductance: 0,005 S/m The SMW 100 is a sensor for monitoring rotating cleaning equipment. During operation, the liquid distribution of a cleaning nozzle is continuously checked. A permanent