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  • GEA Breconcherry Typhoon Orbitalreiniger (extrem starker, radial und axial rotierender Zielstrahlreiniger mit 4 Düsen)

Orbital cleaners are optimal for fast and resource-efficient cleaning of many types of industrial production tanks and vessels. They are highly efficient, liquid or motor driven, orbital cleaning machines.

Rotating nozzles are a well-known type of nozzle used in a wide variety of systems and tanks. Slowly rotating cleaning nozzles create flat or bundled jets that overlap each other.

Fast-rotating cleaning nozzles create a permanently even droplet-shaped liquid distribution. By not using ball bearings, many of the rotary nozzles we offer are extremely durable compared to their ball-bearing counterparts.

High-pressure cleaners work with a spray head that can be rotated in three dimensions, driven by an electric, compressed air or water-hydraulic motor. An extensive selection of spray head types enables the use of these devices in a wide variety of applications.

Retractors are ideal for automated cleaning in the food and pharmaceutical industries. A reproducible process is defined by the exact definition of cleaning agents, pressure, temperature and duration.

Jet cleaners are extremely robust and can be used in specific applications. The large product assortment allows a wide variety of applications.

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Static spray balls achieve an excellent cleaning effect by flooding and rinsing the inner walls of the container. With suitable cleaning agents, the cleaning effect is improved and the cleaning time is reduced.

Whether surface treatment, cleaning, degreasing, rinsing, descaling, fire protection, coating, water curtains or process engineering, we carry a variety of industrial spray nozzles for a wide variety of purposes.

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