Turbo CW 25/75 Target cleaner

GEA Breconcherry Turbo CW 25/75 (Zielreinigung eines Bereichs) GEA Breconcherry Turbo CW 25/75 (targetcleaner)

Target cleaning of an area,
hygienic & self-cleaning

  • no ball bearings
  • hygienic & self-cleaning
  • horizontal & vertical
  • maintenance-free operation possible
  • very few single components
  • optimal for shaded areas
  • continuous spray strength
Technical Data Value
Spray characteristics: CW25 1 m horizontal with 200 mm Ø round spray pattern,
CW75 1 m horizontal with 1 m Ø round spray pattern
Spray pattern: Target oriented
Pressure range: CW25 2 – 6 bar,
CW75 4 – 8 bar
Flow rate: CW25 40 – 70 LPM (2,4 – 4,2 m³/h),
CW75 105 – 150 LPM (6,3 – 9,0 m³/h)
Insertion opening: CW25 min. Ø 100 mm,
CW75 min. Ø 110 mm
Mounting position: arbitrary
Weight: on request
Materials: Stainless Steel 316 (1.4401), 316L (1.4404), C.PTFE, PTFE, EPDM
Standard Pipe connection: KCW25 1/2” Clamp connection, 2,5” Welded connection,
CW75 1” Clamp connection, 3” Welded connection
Optional Pipe connections: on request
Nozzle characteristics: CW25 Turbodisc 25 360°, CW75 Turbodisc 75 360°
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2, ATEX, FDA, FDA Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004
Max. operating temperature: 95°C (2003°F)
Max. ambient temperature: 140°C (284°F), 30 Min.
Operation recommendation: It is recommended to install a filter/screen (500 μm) in the CIP inlet line to the tank cleaner to protect it from clogging with particles or damage.

Turbo CW 25

LPM (m³/h)
Spray radius diameter in meters
2 40 (2,4) Depending on the distance
to the target area and pressure
the Turbo CW25 creates a
spray radius of 2 – 6 meters
3 50 (3,0)
4 60 (3,6)
5 65 (3,9)
6 70 (4,2)

Turbo CW 75

LPM (m³/h)
Spray radius diameter in meters
Distance to target in meters
1 m 2 m 3 m 4 m
4 105 (6,3) 1,0 1,2
5 120 (7,2) 1,0 1,5
6 130 (7,8) 1,0 1,5 1,5
7 140 (8,4) 1,2 1,5 1,8
8 150 (9,0) 1,2 1,5 1,8 2,0

Turbo CW 25

GEA Breconcherry Turbo CW 25 Abmessungen

Turbo CW 75

GEA Breconcherry Turbo CW 75 Abmessungen

The TURBO CW25/75 is specially designed for targeted cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Inside a hopper, a Turbodisc 25/75 creates a forward-emerging spray pattern with high-energy droplets. The cleaning nozzle constantly cleans itself during operation.

The TURBO CW25/75 can be mounted in the vessel on a pipe feeder, or welded directly to the vessel wall. The Turbodisc 25/75 can be easily removed from the hopper at any time, the unit works in any installation position and is very insensitive to contamination. A vertical downward position allows the TURBO CW25/75 to specifically clean conveyors or their sections.

The targeted water jet enables cleaning of agitator parts in horizontal and vertical operation, and can also be welded directly to the tank wall in the correct position without colliding with the agitator. The TURBO CW25/75 can be used for cleaning pipe areas. Likewise, the cleaning of shadow areas in tanks is possible by installing it in a sensible position. The TURBO CW25/75 is a cost effective replacement solution for retractable cleaning nozzles.

Areas of application: Brewing, beverage, dairy processing, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and transportation industries. Flushing or cleaning of problem areas, shadow areas, agitators, struts, corner areas in containers or in conveyor and transport systems.

Turbo CW 25

Spritzbild Turbo CW 25

Turbo CW 75


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