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Static spray balls are the most commonly used components for cleaning tanks, vessels and equipment. We supply a variety of sizes, flow rates and connection designs for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Static spray balls are usually designed for low-pressure, high-flow cleaning and produce thorough surge cleaning. The use of detergents improves the cleaning effect and shortens the cleaning time. We offer a comprehensive selection of spray balls in different manufacturing qualities as well as an interesting range of custom-made products.

  • Sprühkugel mit Gewindeanschluss

Sprayballs with threaded connection

Sprayballs with threaded connection Extensive range with high quality workmanship 0.8 to 8.0 metre cleaning diameter 7 different spray pattern types available suitable for use in FDA &

  • blank

Sprayballs Special materials (Stainless Steel)

Sprayballs - Special Materials Sprayballs of Stainless Steel Extensive range with high quality workmanship 0.8 to 3.0 meter cleaning diameter 360° spray pattern type available suitable for use