Cleaning Trials


In order to clean components optimally, it is essential to determine the right cleaning machines or nozzles. Therefore, we offer cleaning trials on site in your plant.

The scope of services of our cleaning trials, which are subject to a charge, includes for example:

  • Provision of the equipment required for the trial such as:
  • Mobile cleaning pump (approx. 20-25 bar)
  • 3D cleaning nozzle (turbine drive, motor drive or rotary nozzle as required)
  • Connecting hoses
  • Positioning devices
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Quantity measurement
  • Preparation and post-processing of the required equipment
  • Short documentation of the cleaning results with performance data from the tests

Performance on the construction side

Services to be provided by your side as preparation or prerequisite:

  • Appointment of a project supervisor in your company
  • Provision of a craftsman to support the installation
  • Provision of all necessary cleaning media
  • Production of a flexible cleaning water connection to the pump
  • Power supply at the pump with Euro socket 32 Amp. 400 volt
  • Power supply 230 volts
  • Sealing material for improvised nozzle insertion into the cleaning object

Offer price all-inclusive: by arrangement

The price is a lump sum for one day including all additional costs

  • Brief documentation of the cleaning results
  • Preparation of the equipment
  • Post-processing of the equipment
  • Journey
  • departure
  • possible overnight stays
  • Daily expenses

Example of a cleaning test
Chemical industry/paint industry

Degree of contamination: extremely difficult

Cleaning device: TMC orbital cleaner

Special features: ATEX, solvent

After visiting your plant or the object to be cleaned, we will be pleased to offer you a cleaning test individually adapted to your needs.

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