Torus 50/75 PEEK Rotating Nozzles

GEA Breconcherry Torus 50/75 PEEK Rotationsdüsen (hohe Reichweite, schnelle Rotation)

Plain bearing Nozzle with fast rotation,
extremely durable and temperature resistant

  • no ball bearings
  • fast rotation, effective cleaning
  • FDA compliant & EX certified
  • high speed, compact design
  • only one moving part
  • extremely heat-resistant
  • low pressure condition
Technical Data Value
Max. cleaning diameter: TorusP 50 2,2 Meter / TorusP 75 3,3 Meter
Spray pattern: 360° and 180° up-, downwards
Pressure range: 1 – 4 bar
Flow rate: TorusP 50 17 – 33 LPM / TorusP 75 35 – 77 LPM
(1,0 – 4,6 m³/h)
Insertion opening: min. Ø 58 mm
Mounting position: vertical
Weight: on demand
Materials: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404), C.PEEK, PEEK, Hastelloy C22
Pipe connection: TorusP 50 DN15 Split pin,
TorusP 75 DN20 Split pin
optional connections: on demand
Nozzle characteristics: Ball with slots
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2, ATEX, FDA, FDA Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004
Max. operating temperature: 138°C (280°F)
Max. ambient temperature: 250°C (482°F)

GEA Breconcherry Torus 50/75 PEEK Betriebswerte

Optimal Operation

The pressure range for operating a Torus 50/75 PEEK is at 1 – 4 bar at the cleaning nozzle.
With a flow rate of 17 – 77 liters/minute, a cleaning diameter of 1 –3,3 meters is achieved.

The PEEK Torus is ideally suited for cleaning hygiene-sensitive process vessels in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Often, applications in these industries have had unmet requirements for cleaning technology. Ball bearing rotary nozzles are typically not suitable for prolonged pressurization, and fixed spray balls require high volumes of liquid and achieve poor cleaning effectiveness. The PEEK Torus is the ultimate in hygiene and resistance. It features an extremely deformation-resistant, durable rotor made of PEEK. This provides maximum resistance to high temperatures or operational abrasion.

The PEEK torus is best suited for use in high temperature areas and for superheated steam sterilization or a pressurized air application. During operation, rapid rotation of the rotor is generated, resulting in uniform and long-range distribution of liquid droplets. The rotor is fluid-bearing during operation and does not suffer abrasion, the inside of the nozzle is always flushed by fluid during cleaning.

The PEEK Torus was developed with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with a focus on absolute resistance for long-lasting steam sterilization or drying applications.
In the test phase, the PEEK torus achieved the following operating times: >700 hours cleaning operation: 3 bar liquid pressure; >350 hours application: Steam sterilization 138°C; >350 hours application: dry run air pressure 8 bar.
No measurable signs of wear could be detected after the test phase. This resistance ensures reliable, consistent cleaning over many years. By using a PEEK torus instead of fixed spray balls, our customers have already been able to save up to 82% cleaning liquid or liquid to be prepared.

The PEEK torus is available with PEEK or C.PEEK rotor. The C.PEEK version is FDA compliant and suitable for hazardous areas. The PEEK torus consists of 4 individual components and can be completely disassembled. This allows repair or refurbishment of any modified components. Each component is available as a spare part for this model. The PEEK Torus is available as Torus 50 with DN15 and as Torus 75 with DN 20 split pin connection.

GEA Breconcherry Torus PEEK Splintbefestigung

Split pin Connection

The Torus PEEK is available in DN15 and DN20 variants with split pin attachment. Its three-part design allows the nozzle to be dismantled. The split pin connection ensures a dead space-free fastening.

Torus PEEK Single Components

Torus Measurements and Connection Types

Torus Measurements (mm) and Connection Types
Torus PEEK Torus PEEK Body Torus PEEK cover Torus PEEK rotor Torus PEEK Splint
GEA Breconcherry Einzelteile Torus PEEK GEA Breconcherry Einzelteile Torus PEEK Koerper GEA Breconcherry Einzelteile Torus PEEK Mantel GEA Breconcherry Einzelteile Torus PEEK Rotor GEA Breconcherry Einzelteile Torus PEEK Splint

Torus 50/75 PEEK Split pin

Connection Spray pattern Pipe* Product Code Materials Certificates Article number
*corresponds to the max. pipe outer diameter of the pipe on which the nozzle is to be installed (inch or mm). Recommended standard units with high stock probability are shown in blue. 180° variants on request.
DN15 Split pin 360° 18,00 TO50AFP-360-DN15 316L/C.PEEK ATEX+FDA, 3.1
DN15 Split pin 360° 18,00 TO50FP-360-DN15 316L/PEEK FDA, 3.1 4660-1714-418
DN20 Split pin 360° 22,00 TO75AFP-360-DN20 316L/C.PEEK ATEX+FDA, 3.1 4660-1746-419
DN20 Split pin 360° 22,00 TO75AFP-360-DN20 316L/PEEK FDA, 3.1 4660-1746-418

Installation Lance

GEA Breconcherry Clipdisc/Sanidisc Installationslanze

Materials: Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316L), EPDM, FKM
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2
Device Connection: Splint
Tank Connection: Flange on demand
Sensor: without SMW 100

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