Extendable nozzles / Retractors product-overview

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Retractors are extendable and retractable cleaning nozzles for vessels, piping and equipment where the nozzle cannot remain permanently in the process. Breconcherry retractor nozzles are extended primarily by fluid pressure and retracted by either a spring mechanism or compressed air. Extensive customization options are available for the connecting flanges, the stroke width, and the type of rotary nozzle (different flow rates and ranges). For use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, these cleaning machines are designed in FDA-compliant versions. For operation in potentially explosive zones or with flammable liquids, an EX exemption or an EX type examination is also available. Through the use of sensors, the function of the device can be interrogated.

  • Ausfahrbare Rotationsdüse mit Federrückzug SR1000 Retraktor - Breconcherry Deutschland Ltd.

SR1000 Retractor

SR1000 Retractor Extendable rotating nozzle with spring return Version with different nozzle types FDA conform & EX certified acid, alkali & temperature resistant adaptable design, different stroke widths designed

  • Retraktor mit statischer Düse IS25 - Breconcherry Deutschland Ltd.

IS25 Retractor

Retractor IS25 IS25 retractor with static nozzle for hygiene sensitive applications numerous installation types enables saving of cleaning agent only low pressure required vacuum resistant up to 0.1 bar

  • Ausfahrbare Rotationsdüse mit Federrückzug Retraktor MR1 - Breconcherry Deutschland Ltd.

Retractor MR1

Retraktor MR1 Extendable rotation nozzle with returning spring Version with different rotation nozzles Return spring ensures complete closure Compressed air mechanism ensures tightness FDA compliant & EX certified acid, alkali

  • Ausfahrbare Rotationsdüse mit Druckluftverschluss Retraktor MR2 - Breconcherry Deutschland Ltd.

Retractor MR2 (RTD350)

Retraktor MR2 (RTD350) Extendable rotation nozzle with compressed air lock Version with different rotation nozzles Compressed air mechanism ensures tightness FDA compliant & EX certified acid, alkali & temperature