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Spray balls are most commonly used as devices for cleaning tanks, containers and systems.
We offer a wide range of sizes, flow rates and connection types for your individual cleaning task.
Spray balls with threaded or split pin connections or spray balls made of special stainless steel require welding adapters or high pressure lances, depending on where they are used.
They are usually designed for cleaning with low pressure and a high volume of liquid and produce a thorough surge cleaning. The use of detergents improves the cleaning effect and shortens the cleaning time.

We offer a comprehensive selection of spray heads in different manufacturing qualities as well as an interesting range of special designs. Call us for more long-term solutions.
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Welding adapter

Welding adapter Materials: Stainless steel 316L (1.4404) Certificates: 3.1 Suitable for static or rotating cleaners metal sealing Also available with PTFE seal on request  Designation / Benennung Material / Article Nr. ø D1 ø D2 ø D3 G L1 L2 Welding adapter DN 10-G3/8“ 705-138 18 13 10 G 3/8“ 20 10 Welding adapter DN 15-G1/2“ 705-139 23 19 16 G 1/2“ 25 12 Welding adapter DN 20-G3/4“ 705-137 30 23 20 G 3/4“ 30 15 Welding adapter DN 25-G3/4“ 705-158 32 29 26 G 3/4“ 30 12 Welding adapter DN 25-G1“ 705-136 38 29 26 G 1“ 35 18 Welding adapter DN 40-G11/4“ 705-145 47 41 38 G 11/4“ 40 15 Welding adapter DN 40-G11/2“ 705-135 52 41 38 G 11/2“ 45 20 Welding adapter 3/8“OD-G3/8“ 705-151 18 9,5 7,8 G 3/8“ 20 10 Welding adapter 3/4“OD-G1/2“ 705-148 23 19 15,8 G 1/2“ 25 12 Welding adapter

Installation Lance

Installation Lance for Cleaners Installation lance suitable for all cleaning nozzles hygienic design in stainless steel customizable liquid and tank connection with or without liquid sensor SMW 100 adjustable insertion length Suitable for: Orbital cleaners, Jet cleaners, Rotating Nozzles and Sprayballs Materials: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404), EPDM, FKM Device Connection: see table below Fluid Attachment: see table below (Druckanschluss) Tank Attachment: see table below Insertion Lenght: 100 - 1500 mm, (others) Certificates: FDA, 3.1, 2.2 Options: Preparaton for Sensor SMW100 Options: Handpolish Weight: on Demand The installation lance is available as a complete system including cleaning machine and optionally with liquid sensor SMW 100. The liquid connection as well as the container flange can be equipped in almost all conventional standards, the length of the lance can be adjusted to the desired specifications. By equipping it with an SMW 100 liquid sensor, it