Jumbo 6 Jet-cleaner

GEA Breconcherry Jumbo 6 Strahlreiniger (starker und schnell rotierender Strahlreiniger mit 4 langen Düsen)

Powerful and fast rotating jet cleaner with 4 long nozzles

  • liquid driven 360° low pressure jet cleaner
  • strong jet power with high consumption values
  • short cleaning time
  • acid & alkali resistant
  • available with 2 nozzle diameters
Technical Data Value
Max. cleaning diameter: 11 meters
Spraypattern: 360°
Pressure Range: 4 – 14 bar
Flowrate: 1/4″ 180 – 320 LPM (10,8 – 19,2 m³/h), 3/8″ 310 – 580 LPM (18,6 – 34,8 m³/h)
Insertion opening: min. Ø 280 mm
Mounting position: vertical, downwards
Weight: approx. 5,6 KG
Materials: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404), PTFE
Connection types: 1,5″ female thread BSPT
Optional connections: on demand
Nozzle configuration: 4 x 1/4″ Nozzles, 4 x 3/8″ Nozzles
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2, more on demand
Max. operating temperature: 95°C (203°F)
max. ambient temperature 140°C (284°F), 30 Min.
Operating recommendation It is recommended to install a filter/screen (500 μm) in the CIP inlet line to the tank cleaner to protect it from clogging with particles or damage

Jumbo 6 Jet-Cleaner | BRECONCHERRY Cleaning Systems

Optimal Operating

The pressure range for operating a Jumbo 6 is at 4 – 14 bar at the cleaning machine.

With a flow rate of 180 – 580 liters/minute, a cleaning diameter of 10 – 11 meters is achieved.

The JUMBO 6 has a simple and effective drive system that guarantees durability and good service life. The external gearbox can be visually inspected for contamination and cleaned. The robust design of the JUMBO 6 allows it to be used in a wide range of industries and container types where effective and powerful cleaning is required.

The JUMBO 6 is powered only by the cleaning fluid by causing a simple turbine inside the JUMBO 6 to rotate. All cleaning liquid exits mainly through the nozzle openings, so minimal energy is used for propulsion.

Rotating and static spray balls can be optimally replaced by a JUMBO 6. The strong spraying power of the JUMBO 6 creates a powerful mechanical cleaning effect in tank sizes up to 11 meters in diameter.

Jumbo 6 with 1,5″ BSPT thread

Connection Nozzles Pipe* Productcode Materials Certificates Articlenumber
*corresponds to the max. pipe outer diameter of the pipe on which the machine is to be installed (inch or mm). Split pin versions have approximately 15% higher flow. Recommended standard units with high stock probability are shown in blue.
1,5″ IG-BSPT 4 x 1/4″ 1,5″ Jumbo6-4×14-BSPT 316L/PTFE 3.1, 2.2 4660-4943-110
1,5″ IG-BSPT 4 x 3/8″ 1,5″ Jumbo6-4×38-BSPT 316L/PTFE 3.1, 2.2 4660-4942-000

Tank-cleaning wagon

Tankreinigungswagen mit Jumbo 6 Strahlreiniger zum Verfahren in langen liegenden Tanks

Materials: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404), PP (PTFE)
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2
Device-connection: 1,5″ AG-BSP
Supply Line: DN50 Threaded connection DIN 11851

Maintenance package

Jumbo 6 Wartungspaket

Jumbo 6 PTFE 4660-4002-888

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