Retractor IS25

Retraktor mit statischer Düse IS25 - Breconcherry Deutschland Ltd.

IS25 retractor with static nozzle

  • for hygiene sensitive applications
  • numerous installation types
  • enables saving of cleaning agent
  • only low pressure required
  • vacuum resistant up to 0.1 bar abs.
  • reliable operation and low maintenance
  • monitoring by proximity switch
  • self-cleaning and hygienic
Technical Data Value
Max cleaning parameter: 1,6 meters
Spray pattern: 192° – 360°
Pressure range: 1,8 – 2,5 bar
Flow rate: 48 – 90 LPM (2,9 – 5,4 m³/h)
Stroke width: 56mm
Preferred mounting position: arbitrary
Weight: approx. 6,0 KG
Materials with Product contact: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4435), EPDM, FKM, FFKM
Materials without Product contact: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4301), NBR
Connections: see Ordering keys
Nozzle types: fixed Sprayball with drilled holes
Certificates: 3.1, 2.2, ATEX 0G/20D and FDA available
Max. operating temperature: 98°C (208°F)
max. Steam pressurization 140°C (284°F), 30 Min.
max. eiss air impingement 190°C (374°F), 30 Min
Operating recommendation It is recommended to install a filter/screen (500 μm) in the CIP inlet line to the tank cleaner to protect it from clogging with particles or damage
Pressure (bar) B 0,6 Flowrate (m³/h) B 0,8 Flowrate (m³/h)
Two spray heads are available: spray head B 06 (all 0.6 mm holes), spray head B 08 (all 0.8 mm holes).
Optimum operating pressure 1.8 to 2.5 bar.
1,5 2,9 4,2
1,8 3,2 4,6
2,0 3,4 4,8
2,2 3,5 5,1
2,5 3,8 5,4

The advantages of the IS 25 at a glance:

  • Functionally reliable and validatable
  • Spring-closing and pneumatic opening
  • Vacuum resistant up to 0.9 bar
  • Feedback of both end positions
  • Feedback via proximity switch holder or feedback head
  • Seals EPDM, FKM and FFKM Solvent resistant
  • Can be used in hazardous areas of ATEX zone 0G/20D
  • Standard material 1.4435/316L
  • Surfaces CIP and product-contact up to Ra ≤ 0.8 µm

Retractors are extendable cleaning nozzles. By using retractor nozzles, the highest level of safety and hygiene can be achieved. Our selection of retractor nozzles includes devices with spring or compressed air retraction. Nozzle extension in these devices is usually accomplished via fluid pressure. Retractors can be equipped with static spray balls, Chemidisc and Chemitorus series slide bearing nozzles, and high-speed rotating ball bearing nozzles. The position of a retractor nozzle (open/closed) can be checked by means of a magnetic sensor. Our retractors can be adapted to individual needs. Depending on the type of device, FDA conformity as well as EX exemption and stroke widths between 50 mm and 1000 mm are possible.


During the cleaning process, the spray head is pneumatically controlled and extended. After the cleaning process, the spray head is returned to its rest position by the strong spring load from the product chamber.

The IS25 has a spray head which is extended for cleaning in containers or pipelines. After the cleaning process, the spray head returns to its rest position and closes flush with the product chamber.

The use of the IS25 considerably reduces cleaning costs, because there is no need for buildup in agitator vessels or flooding of pipelines.

The IS25 is particularly suitable for cleaning tanks with moving internals, such as beam agitators and scrapers.

With the IS25 it is now also possible to clean bulk material pipelines with a minimized quantity, previously only possible with the use of a large quantity of cleaning agent. This allows a considerable reduction of energy and investment costs, as the cleaning agent consumption of the IS25 is only approx. 3.4 – 4.8 m³/h at 2 bar.


  1. Splash-proof connection head to protect the electrical installation (up to IP67).
  2. Very compact and reversible actuator – spring closing / air opening or vice versa. Air support of the spring chamber is possible.
  3. ECOVENT® -E actuators have the possibility of internal airflow.
  4. Due to the open lantern, a defective rod seal and the valve position can be recognized immediately.
  5. Reliable sealing at the valve stem – highest surface quality due to rolled stem surface.
  6. One or two-piece housing.
  7. The metallic stop of the valve disc results in a defined deformation of the seal. This results in a long service life.
  8. Seat ring and guide for the sprayhead.
  9. Retractable sprayhead
  10. Easy installation and removal by means of a hinged ring
Pipe- and Container-connections
IS25 Einbaubeispiele 04 IS25 Einbaubeispiele 03 IS25 Einbaubeispiele 02 IS25 Einbaubeispiele 01
Housing connection IS-T
for welding into a
Container jacket
Container welding flange
T50/40 for welding into
tank bottoms or tank shells
Housing connection IS-Roh
for welding in pipe
from DN 200 to DN 400
Housing connection for
VARINLINE® housings DN
80 to DN 150, 4″ OD and 6″ IPS

IS25 Retractor Installation Examples Breconcherry Cleaning Systems

Container welding flange Retractor IS25 / BRECONCHERRY Cleaning Systems blank
Container welding-flange T50/40
Rohreinschweißflansch IS
Container welding-flange IS-T Pipe welding-flange IS

Retraktor IS25

Code IS25 D T 01 0 0 1 K 00 2 0
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Example Position Designation Code-Selection-features
IS25 1 Type IS25 IS25 DN25
D 2 Nominal width standard D DN 25 DIN (29×1,5 mm)
S DIN EN ISO (33,7×2,0 mm)
T 3 Case L 1-stubby 1.4435
T 2-stubby 1.4435
01 4 Sprayball 01 Sprayhead B 0.6
05 Sprayhead B 0.8
0 5 Pressure port per spigot¹ 0 Welded End
NFK Hygiene-Nutflange, DIN 11864-2, DIN 11853-2
ASN Aseptik-Flange-connection, DIN 11864-2
ASK Hygiene-Flange-connection, DIN 11864-2, DIN 11853-2
AVK Hygiene-Screw-connection, DIN 11864-1, DIN 11853-2
AVN Aseptik-Screw-connection, DIN 11864-1
TN VARIVENT® Nutflange incl. O-Ring and Connection-parts
TK VARIVENT® Flange-connection, Nutflange at the Housing
0 6 Process-connection² 1 Container weld-in flange T 50/40 1.4404
3 Container weld-in flange T 50/40 1.4435
5 Housing connection for VARILINE® Cases³ (DN80-150/4″-6″ OD/IPS)
8 Adaptable Housing-connection IS-Raw for Pipes
2 Housing connection IS-T 1.4435/316L
1 7 Sealing materials in contact with product 1 EPDM
K 8 Deployment K EPDM
00 9 Feedback⁴ 0 No Feedback
M with Initiator-admission
M2 with Initiator-admission and 2 Proximity initiators
 M1 with Initiator-admission und 1 Proximity initiator
T Feedback head T.VIS® M1 with 2 feedback signals and 1 pilot valve 24V
 A ATEX feedback head ECOVENT® with 2 proximity switches 24V and 1 pilot valve 24V
2 10 Surface quality Housing 2 inside Ra 0,8 μm, outside matte
3 inside Ra 0,8 μm, outside polished
4 inside Ra 0,4 μm, outside matte
8 inside Ra 0,4 μm, outside polished
0 11 Certificate 0 without Certificate
W (41) with Factory certificate 2.2 DIN EN10204
Z (42) with Material acceptance test certificate 3.1 DIN EN10204
1: only with EPDM-Seal
2: optional: Weld-in device, Item number: 254-000271
3: VARINLINE® Housing needs to be ordered seperately
4: more Feedback-options can be chosen under T.VIS® Feedbacksystems
Retraktor IS25 Sensor

Magnetsensor Optionaler Magnetsensor zur Abfrage Position offen und/oder geschlossen
_ MR1 MR2 IS25 SR1000
Sprayhead Chemidisc 25/75, Torus Chemidisc 25/75, Torus Fixed Sprayball Spinner
Container-connection DN65/2,5 DN65/2,5″ DN80 DN16 bis DN200
Extend Product-pressure Product-pressure Air-pressure Product-pressure
Closure Spring-tension Air-pressure Spring-tension Spring-tension
Extension Lenght 50 – 300 mm 50 – 300 mm 56 mm 50 – 1000 mm
Sensor open / closed open / closed No sensor open / closed
Nozzle-lock sealing sealing sealing open
Usage Area Pipe-cleaning & Cleaning of Shadow Areas Tank cleaning, Pipe-cleaning Pipe-cleaning & Cleaning of Shadow Areas Tank cleaning, Pipe-cleaning

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