High-Pressure Lance HL-H with water engine

Hochdrucklanze HL-H

Effecive High-Pressure IBC- and container cleaner with water engine

  • 360° and 270° spray head possible
  • strong jet power with low consumption values
  • working pressure 180 – 200 bar
  • operation with commercially available high-pressure cleaners
  • compact dimensions, easy to handle
  • hygienic and low-wear application
Technical Data Value
Max cleaning parameter: 2 meter
Spray pattern: 360° / 270° orbital
Number of Nozzles: 2,3 or 4 Nozzles
Nozzle Types: 0° spot jet, optional 5/15° flat jet nozzle
Pressure range: 180 – 200 bar
Flow rate: 30 – 80 LPM (1,8 – 4,8 m³/h)
Max. operating temperature: 90° Celsius
Insertion opening: 38 – 78 mm, depending on nozzle type
Rotating Speed: 10 – 30 t/min, adjustable
Noise Emission: not measureable, measured at the motor
Shaft length: 200 – 4000 mm, Special lenghts on request
Mounting position: arbitrary
Weight: 5 – 20 KG, depending on shaft length
Materials: Stainless Steel 316L 304, 301, Viton, (EPDM/PTFE) more on request
Fluid connection: 3/8″ AG, Optional M22x1,5 AG
Nozzle thread: 1/8″, M6, M4, depending on device
Certificates: 2.2, CE, ATEX, FDA on request
Ex version: possible only with HL-A and HL-H

High-pressure cleaners operate with a three-dimensionally rotating spray head, driven by an electric, compressed air or water-hydraulic motor. An orbital motion of both rotational axes forms a 360-degree spray pattern.
An extensive selection of spray head types allows these units to be used in a wide variety of applications.

The use of these devices is simple, these pressure washers can be connected to almost any standard high-pressure unit and stationary high-pressure pump. The shaft length of a device can be designed between 140 mm and 4000 mm, depending on the needs.
Compressed air and water-hydraulically driven variants are suitable for use in EX zones, and many of the unit types offered are FDA-compliant.
An extensive range of accessories is offered for handling and installation.

Material 316L 316L 316L 316L 316L 316L 316L
Number of Nozzles 2/3/4 2/3/4 2 2 4 2 2
Insertion opening. min. 54 50 38 38 78 56 68
Nozzle threads 1/8″ M6 M4 M4 1/8″ 1/8″ 1/8″
Amount max. LPM 50 50 30 30 80 50 50
Temperature max. 90°C 90°C 90°C 90°C 90°C 90°C 90°C
Spray-Pattern 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 270°
Rotation t/min 10 – 30 t/min, adjustable
Noise Emission not measureable, measured at the engine

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