Spinner Kugellagerdüsen EN

Spinner ball bearing nozzles Ball bearing mounted nozzle with fast rotation, economical cleaning ball bearing mounted fast rotation and effective cleaning FDA-compliant & EX certified high speed and fast distribution economical cleaning 5 different sizes for hygiene sensitive applications Technical Data Value Spray pattern: 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° up-, downwards Mounting position: arbitrary Materials: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404), 316L (1.4401) Ball bearings, Hastelloy 2.4610 Pipe connection: BSP (NPT) Optional Connection Types: Split pin, Weld-on socket Nozzle characteristics: Ball with slots Certificates: 3.1, 2.2, ATEX, FDA, FDA Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 Materials: Edelstahl 316L (1.4404), C.PTFE, PTFE Max. operating temperature: 90°C (194°F) Max. ambient temperature: 110°C (230°F), 30 Min. Operating recommendation: It is recommended to install a filter/strainer (500 μm) in the CIP supply line to the tank cleaner to protect it from particle clogging or damage.